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Meet ME, Cat Ransome... (Typical nagging mother - thats what Leo, my son would say but i'm actually cool AF)

Posted on February 19 2020

Write a blog, they said, it will be easy, they said...

Well where to start…?


am currently starring at my note pad which reads 'Today I will be productive AF!!?!! Surly that makes me cool with the teens??! I really am trying to be productive AF but not getting anywhere quickly.

ME: Cat (Typical nagging mother - thats what Leo, my son would say but I actually think I'm pretty 'down with the kids'... officially NOT 'down with the kids' if you actually write that but hey...)

I’m Cat, mother of two sons and step-mum to another son. Confused already??!

When Cat had Leo...


I had my first darling (hmmmm…) son at the good old age of 19. Leo came into my life with a bang and turned it upside down, inside out and generally all over the place just like any other first born. Without his ‘dad’ around Leo was lucky enough to have me all to himself (he wouldn’t agree!). We built up an amazing bond and while he was young enough to guide and be cute we got along perfectly. Leo was, if I’m honest, brought up by not only me but my amazing mother (Leos nan-nan), my very eccentric father (Leos Grandad) and my incredibly doting sister (Aunty Amber). What a lucky boy to have 4 parents around, all under one roof!

I am obviously missing lots of things out but otherwise this blog will be pages and pages long and I will lose you all… so let’s get on with the overview of how we got to where we are now….

When Cat and Leo met Jaz and Jon (my now doting husband)!

When Leo was 6 I met a fabulous man called Jon, crazily enough Jon seemed to like our very unique set up and quickly fell in love with me (couldn’t quite believe it, excuse the pun but 'the Cat that got the cream' comes to mind) and my then, darling child Leo. To add even more fun to our new dynamics Jon also has a son from a previous relationship, Jasper, who was two at the time. So, there we have it, we were suddenly a 2.4 family over-night. As a four we quite quickly moved in together in a very questionable rented place and started our lives together. I won’t bore you with the ongoing details of our everyday struggles – that could be the part of a whole new blog haha! Reading between the lines I think we quite rapidly were faced with all the trials and tribulations most families are, but with the added positives and negatives of being a ‘blended’ family. There were and still are ups and downs but we love each other over everything else which is why in the end everything tends to work out (tends to because I can’t say always – that would be a lie).

When Jon proposed to Cat! Ahhhhhh...


Jon was crazy enough to propose on my WORST day of the year – Boxing day (worst day you ask??! Yes it’s the day furthest away from the next Christmas). In-front of my whole family he made a lovely heartfelt, soppy speech, which if I’m honest I can’t remember at all but I know it made me cry and when he presented such a wonderful ring how could I possibly say NO??!

On cloud 9 we (or I rather) started planning straight away. Avon Gorge in 6 months time – summer wedding – PERFECTION!

BUT, in true Catherine Macdonald (Maiden name) style New Years Eve approached and we discovered a BOMBSHELL… I was Pregnant…For goodness sake!!?!!

Beautiful wedding of our dreams, in 6 months time… out the window! And gone are the plans of not having another child out of WEDLOCK – Thank god we are not religious…!

Just when everything was starting to get a little bit easier, as in, I could go to the toilet ALONE, take a shower ALONE and sneak off for the odd night out, we go and get pregnant. We were happy though, PROMISE!

I would just like to mention here that I was desperate to have a honeymoon without being 6 months post baby, so me and Jon managed to fit in a trip to Jamaica as our pre-wedding honeymoon/baby-moon - being 20 weeks pregnant! Jon arranged a lovely 3 course meal on the beach where we decided we would open an envelope containing the sex of our 20 week old baby.

Yes you guessed it, another boy... Did I want a girl you ask??..... I'll let you work that one out...! I wont tell you the details but spending a good 2 hours in our beautiful bathroom back at our room is normal, right? And no, I didn't have an upset tummy. But then, our amazing baby boy graced us with his presence and the need for a baby girl soon disappeared...

When Cat, Leo, Jon and Jasper met Rocky!


Rocky (cool name, right??) came into our lives via the 'sun-roof' on September 4th 2014. 

I know most people say it, but I cant really remember the dynamic before he was around. Our very much completed family was ready for the future.

Wedding plans back on track, just a year late with an extra page boy and 'hey presto' - we were Mr and Mrs!!

Up to date...

That pretty much brings us up to date for now, but keep your eyes peeled for my next blog where we will meet Leo, the other co-founder (a traditionally obnoxious teenager).

For more info on us - If you can take it??! Visit the 'Our Story' page on the website.

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